walking through eden

A travelouge abt my crazy plan about walking form panvel to Pune from the 1st of september till the 5th....

Friday, September 29, 2006


I am extremely sorry for posting soo late...
I know this has been long overdue.. frankly speaking " I Hate Typing or Writing" so was procastinating to tell yuo guys abt the trip..

As expected, it was awesome.. although there were only 2 of us going through the adventure.. Kartik and Tejas could not make it. So on the 1st of september sanket and me started walking from panvel...

The rains were very helpful so as to let us know that the time we choose wasnt very favorable for the hike. It kept raining on and off through the entire trek. Ofcourse it stopped when we had finished the trek. So convinient.

The first day we clicked at two or three locations.. one was an bridge overlooking the express highway and then 2 trees on the way.. we didnt want to take risks of getting our cameras wet in the rain..

The night was spent at the khopoli ST stand in our sleeping bags. with the loudspeaker and yelling ST officials throughout the night. Although the main attactionof the night was a donkey at the top of his voice at 3 in the morning. He just kept at it for a full 15 minutes. I so hated all the donkeys in the world at that particular moment.

Did i tell you, it was fucking hot in the sleeping bag.

At the break of dawn, our friendly ST announcer wakes us up to tell that the first bus to pune was at 5:50 from khopoli and we should wake up if we have to board it on time.

Thus starts our hike for the next day... at 6 in the morning we start walking from khopoli , planning to reach lonavala by afternoon. It was a cool , beautiful mist on the hills.

This part of the journey was the best. I had never enjoyed walking so much. The rest in the next post... i am tired of typing...

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Bhai log... i didnt knw what else to write...
Ready ho jao.... the screw is just a few days away...

Partners in crime( also spellt as Trek)...
Sanket Isawe..
Kartik Menon.. http://seldomwrite.blogspot.com
Tejas Trivedi..http://www.tejas.iwarp.com

Shopping list...
1GB SD card-- 1300 -- done( hahahahah now i have 2 cards.... )
1 Extra Battery pack for my D50-- 1200 -- done
1 sleeping bag--- 1500-- pending
1 really good waterproof backpack-- 1400-- pending

Koi fund karega kya?... mere sathiyon key liye bhi chahiye....

Just need to get my sleeping cycle in order... i never seem to be saying goodmorning nowadays.. seedha 12 key baad utha hoon...


Thursday, August 10, 2006

A deviation i could not resist..


Check it out.. All of you who have seen coupling.. Dont you love jeff? These area few examples of a deranged mind yet seems very funny. Njoy..


Friday, August 04, 2006

Need Help......


You want to be a part. Read on.................

I need basically 4 kinds of people...

1) Well- wishers.( Cant do without these.... i love you people)

2) Pessimists.( I love you even more... you are the reason for me to strive harder towards realizing my dreams. Never would have made this far without your bickering.. Hats off to you guys.. pls dont stop.. pls.)

3) Sponsors.( We all love these people.. money or resources or contacts to acquire these. Email me for more details)

4) Co-conspirators.( Ek yeda mil gaya hain. A fellow photographer and a friend , Sanket Isawe. Looking to have a maximum team of 5, if possible..
A few rules for joining in-- you should love nature. Have a lot of patience while the stupid photographer spends an hour trying to capture a particular snap.Not intent on arriving. Open to detours. Can survive without alcohol for 5 days. More importanty will walk the line or atleast thinks he can. Hopefully have the earlier mentioned gear or know a type 3 person who would help. Dosent yap non-stop.) Sex -no Bar. Mail me for more details...

Most probably will have an exhibition of selected images in october depending on Sponsors, who would be given due credit. Me thinking abt Piramal Art Gallery at NCPA, Mumbai and it costs abt 25k to have an exhibition there..

And the Most important Announcement.....

YOU BETTER WISH ME LUCK......... I need tonnes of it.

The Plan..

The first rule of making travel plans....

" The more detailed the itenary chalked out... the bigger the fall " yours truly is never intent on arriving and its the journey not the destination...

This blog will tell you abt the 5 day hike i planned to undertake from panvel to pune on the 1st of september till the 5th of september... The basic goal is to capture the magic and beauty of nature during the monsoons in the western ghats. Detours cannot be ruled out.

1) Starting at 10:00 am from panvel bus depot.

2) going via the old highway to pune.

3) My companion, my camera.

4) Gear -- Nikon D50.
18-70 DX lens.
70-300 G series lens.
My Eyes.

5) Other inventory which needs to be acquired.
One 7 feet Sleeping bag. Have no idea where i would be spending the nights
2 changes of clothes.
Running shoes.
Rain Gear.
18-70 DX lens.
Some kind of Extra storage device. maybe borrow a few 1GB SD cards for my camera.
Extra Battery packs.
This list is not exhaustive. It would change depends on suggestions and realizations.


guess when did i say that?

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